Motivation is a desire to earn something and wish for something. The interest in our mind and heart to achieve that makes us work harder for that. However, mostly people loose motivation after a certain period of time and get back to their normal routine of a life which is not loved. So how can one find and implement motivation back into their life?

To have a balanced and successful life one should have proper focus and motivation towards their goals.

So here are the 5 key elements which you can inculcate daily and work upon yourself.

1) Write down “things to get done”.

The first thing to start up with motivation is to get a piece of paper and prepare a to-do-list for the day. While writing down set your priorities which makes things easier. Not giving enough attention to everything you do will create a chaos. Writing down things makes it so easier and helps to strategise our day. And to make it more simpler you can use apps such as Google keep notes, wunderlist, evernote etc.

2) Stop procrastination.

Procrastination is something which everyone goes through at some point of time in their life. I to do. Its the devil inside every person. Just sitting and scrolling through your phone will not help you to get your work done. So if you just get up and do something fruitful today, your tomorrow’s self will thank you.

3) Setting a time limit.

Setting a time limit for every task and then getting done creates a satisfaction inside us and it relieves the pressure off our mind. And setting time limit help us to give ourselves a direction towards what we are working upon and improves our focus on it. So setting time limits and getting work done is the important part of finding motivation.

4) Reward yourself.

Rewarding yourself for whatever small tasks you do is satisfying and also keeps you motivated to work harder and challenge yourself. Starting with small will help you get a hold of it and as you set harder goals to accomplish you can set higher rewards.

5) Spending less time on phone and more on work.

Nowadays we spend most of the time scrolling through Instagram, Facebook etc. which is a waste of time if we do not have any work over there. Just by having a thought in your mind of letting yourself relax from your phones and doing something productive and motivating in that day will help you to be productive every day.

So in conclusion these are my 5 simple steps through which you can improve your life and feel motivated.


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