Humans are the beautiful creation from all the creations of God. But we humans dont realize that how important our mind, body and soul is and how crucial it is to give the care needed.
We are just running and running behind what we want and dont realize that we are humans and we should care about ourself first more than anything.
So it required to reset our life and slow down a bit and put out postive vibes into the universe so that we get it back.
You can work upon these small things one by one to put ur life in track and sync your mind, body and soul.
So here are 20 simple tips which you can imbibe into your everyday to smoothen and relax.

  1. Take a shower early morning.
  2. Feel the grass.
  3. Start journalling/ doodling your thoughts.
  4. Get up and dress up.
  5. Practice yoga/meditation.
  6. Replace your bad habits with the good.
  7. Clean your room.
  8. Accomplish your tasks.
  9. Drink water.
  10. Eat healthy.
  11. Sweat it out.
  12. Get out of your comfort zone.
  13. Replace coffee with hot water and lemon.
  14. Compliment someone.
  15. Read a book.
  16. Learn something new.
  17. Let the sun shine on your face.
  18. Play with a pet.
  19. Thank god.
  20. Go early to bed.



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